Online Education Certificate

How much is education really worth? And how does earning an Online Education Certificate fit into this conundrum?To help us answer this question, and for some of us who think in quantitative terms, it is usually better to look at some of the relevant information.For example, in 2008, the standard full-time compensation of a salaried employee in the United States holding a bachelor’s degree earned $50K plus. This figure is almost 70 percent larger than those who only have a high school diploma or GED.Moreover, Individuals with a bachelor’s degree also had an appreciably reduced unemployment rate (approximately 3 percent contrasted to 6 percent unemployment rate of those with only a high school diploma or GED).This piece of information alone highlights the importance of higher education as it directly impacts the economic sector particularly the working class. Because of this important set of reasons, plus the ubiquitous convenience in the internet, not surprisingly, many have taken the hint giving rise to a renewed interest in taking an online course, gaining an online education certificate or joining in an online educational program.Nowadays, many internet-based sites contain a wide selection of programs including provisions for acquiring an Online Education Certificate.It is important to take note though that some of these programs may or may not enjoy the distinction of being an accredited school. As you might be aware of, accreditation, when earned, is a largely favorable situation especially when the institution is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, Council for Higher Education and other affiliated agencies.For many grownups, continuing on a training that was disrupted for one cause or another is essential to career progression, financial constancy and personal fulfillment.Gaining an online degree through a degree completion program like an online education certificate utterly agrees with these personal aims. For other people, an online program may be a way to attain higher-level certifications, diplomas or other more particular vocational credentials. This is how institutions like Drexel University come into play.U.S. News & World Report placed Drexel University’s School of Education as one of America’s finest graduate schools. Drexel’s teacher certification programs, online education degrees, and other courses integrate current enquiry on teaching and impart teachers to the latest evolutions in instructional technology and teaching methods.Although each online certification program may be completed as a complete program, the course of study for each of Drexel’s graduate certificate programs is fully amalgamated with a Master’s degree curriculum, should you wish to advance further.

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